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I really, really enjoyed last night's ep of TSCC. There are only 2 more eps left, too bad. There is no news yet about this show's fate...but a commenter on this TV Squad thread mentioned that it might help to go join the TSCC Fan Club over at the official site (go here, up to NEWSLETTER, and join).

My two favorite parts of this ep were more Concepts than actual Scenes or Actions or specific Dialogues. Firstly, the crazy doc in the woods brought out all the religious metaphors that the films also had in spades. That's a rich area to mine and I'm glad they are going there. Secondly was the ep's final scene - both the content of that narration by Sarah, and the shots of Derek watching Cameron dancing alone in her room, for herself.
That latter scene deftly illustrated TSCC's potential to be BATTLESTAR GALACTICA good. Is Cameron's model more human than human? Is she acting on secret programming from the older John Connor...or from the machines...or both?  Is she seeking Evolution?

The show just might get to the BSG level of good...if Fox gives it a goramming chance. *crosses fingers*

For those of you still not catching up with this show: has all eps streaming, and they're available via Hulu as well. In fact, here's the hulu link for last night's ep,

Enjoy! The scenes I was talking about above are at 26:30, and right at the end around 39:30.


As of monday night I am 2 episodes behind but enjoying it very much! I did not peek at the pics! hehe! I hope we get more of this show!!
Good post. I agree that TSCC has the potential to be as ethically probing and profound as BSG. The good news is that this new golden age of television is generating great television. The bad news is that sometimes the shows don't last last two long. I'm reviewing every epsiode of TSCC, and will be doing the same for BSG, on my blog.